Respect and Esteem Your Parents!

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I think it is Turkish!

In Arabic Translation …

In English –

Respect and Esteem Your Parents!

In short the son agitated on the father asking what is that? A sparrow (bird)! The old man asking the same question all over again!

The Father goes inside the house and brings out a diary to the angry irritated son showing how many times the son had asked the same questions as a child – but the father did not get angry! Actually the son had asked 21 times the same question!

The son apologises and hugs the father – followed by verses in The Quraan saying how we should behave to our parents – like giving them nice comforting words – and not to scream and shout at them – even if we were angry!

A Universal Message..

Enjoy … and remember the message!

Actually no language is needed to explain it… The body signs say it all!

And the bottom line we are all human beings from the same Adam and Eve… and Islam is the ONLY RELIGION after Christianity that believes in all The Prophets mentioned in The Gospel – and about Mother Miriam and The Miracle Birth … and The Return of of Jesus Christ – The Messiah and The Great Prophet Issa for us…

You see we are all together in this … and each basket has bad apples (fish)!!

I do not know why there is now so much fear, hatreds, animosities and anger…

The killing of an innocent person is like killing a whole Nation in Islam.. Peace! Asalaam Aleikum! Shalom!

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